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We partner with brands we believe in because amazing things are created when inspired.

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Product Development

Developing and marketing new products to benefit both established and startup companies.

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Digital Business

Creating products and services that revolutionize the digital economy for brands and organizations.



Combining the strongest elements of research, strategy, design, marketing and technology.

• Business Strategy

• Brand & Communications

• Data Science

• Research & Design

• Website Development

• E-commerce

• Material Sourcing

• Manufacturing

• Brand Strategy

• Product Development

• Brand Consulting

• Product Testing

• User Experience

• Creative Design

• Technology

• Content Management

• Social Media

• Digital Strategy

• Videography

• Photography

• Marketing

• Storyboarding

• Post Production

• Commercials

Research & Analytics


Our research team identifies audience needs, attitudes and behaviour, in order to define why and how users want to interact with a brand. Our analytics group determines KPIs and analyzes interaction to continually improve the experience and effectiveness of each program.

• Focus groups & surveys
• Usability studies
• Website, social & campaign analytics
• Social listening & trendspotting
• Dashboard & reporting tool development

Strategy & Planning


We translate research insights into marketing and business strategy. Our team devises a clear plan to achieve core brand and business goals, from raising awareness and shaping brand perception to creating engaged user bases and catalyzing specific behaviour.

• Brand planning & marketing
• Business & organizational consulting
• Mobile strategy
• Product strategy
• Communications & connections planning
• CRM strategy
• Social media strategy

User Experience


Our interaction designers and content strategists create the architecture for platforms and experiences that are intuitive and enjoyable to use, while exceeding clients’ business and marketing goals.

• User personas & scenarios
• Content strategy
• Interaction design
• Business analysis
• Information architecture
• Mobile experience design



Our creative team develops brand experiences across multiple channels and digital touchpoints, with the goal of combining inspiration and usability to communicate clear brand messages that drive engagement and action.

• Creative concepts
• Visual design
• Product design
• In-store digital & mobile
• Copywriting
• Production & asset development



Our studio is dedicated to producing motion, photography, audio and editorial content for all platforms. Our specialist production team works to bring creative ideas to life on every platform required to reach the people who matter to our clients’ businesses.

• Audio design
• Print production
• Interactive production
• Product shots
• Graphic design
• Editorial content
• Video production
• Motion graphics



Our team develops solutions for our clients that enable their business operations. We build systems to be scalable, stable and extensible, while delivering user-centric functionality. We work with client teams to identify and employ the right suite of technologies to ensure each solution is realized as intended.

• Technology leadership
• Quality assurance
• Content management
• Social technology
• Rich Web apps
• Business analysis
• Mobile development
• Service-oriented architecture
• Media management
• E-commerce



We help clients integrate social media into their business and marketing plans, providing the strategy, creativity and implementation required to create communities and engage key audiences in meaningful ways.

• Strategic planning
• Communications campaigns
• Editorial & content development
• Launch & technology communications
• Social platform maintenance
• Media & influencer outreach
• Community engagement & curation



Our unique group of digital program management specialists provides clients with expert partners. They help manage and deploy the resources clients need to bring campaigns and initiatives to life, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and achieve strategic goals.

• Planning
• Team oversight
• Change management
• Operational strategy
• Risk management & mitigation
• Budget, resource & schedule management

Video Production


We work with you to create a strategic and dynamic approach to your content, which ensures that your content and its distribution is aligned with the overall goals for your brand or company. Our expertise covers all aspects of videography; from corporate, educational, to commercial video content. Our services include shooting, editing, post production, colour grading, motion graphics, visual effects, and more. We are experts in distribution of your content to both your target audience as well as new customers.

• Videography
• Photography
• Marketing
• Storyboarding
• Post Production
• Commercials


We provide an arsenal of tools to ensure your business strives.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product design, content, e-commerce websites, mobile solutions, web applications, user interface

Product Development

Lifestyle Brands works alongside companies to create new digital products. These products, often new to the market, go on to become very successful businesses. Our work consists of creating product design, content, and e-commerce websites, mobile solutions, and Web applications. We pride ourselves in offering great user interface, great returns on your investment, and ensuring the longevity of your digital investment.

lifestyle brands, product development, brand development, digital marketing, digital branding, marketing and branding

Digital Marketing & Branding

Digitalization is increasingly becoming the most effective way for companies to connect with their respective target audiences. Lifestyle Brands works closely with clients to develop a sound marketing strategy based around audience insights. This strategy is then digitalized so that it can be applied anywhere, from web to mobile, social and outdoor, digital, and paid media.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, business consulting, business opportunities

Business Consulting

Lifestyle Brands helps companies evolve their businesses to thrive in the digital world. We keep our clients informed on upcoming market opportunities and guide them through integrating these with their businesses. With the help of our consulting services, clients see their companies adapt to integrate new business opportunities. We guide our clients to success by providing them detailed instructions and implementation plans.

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Websites & Platforms

Lifestyle Brands is behind the designing and development of some extremely influential digital innovations. Each year, Lifestyle Brands produces multiple E-commerce sites for our clients, which generate hundreds of thousands dollars in revenue and attract thousands of visitors. We create content, e-commerce, and community sites, as well as Web apps, intranets and corporate brand platforms.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, mobile apps, emerging media, web apps, mobile advertising, mobile websites

Mobile & Emerging Media

Lifestyle Brands helps businesses prosper in the mobile revolution. Our agency strongly believes that mobile platforms are increasingly becoming the center of companies’ success, which is why we are proud to be one of North Americas most promising mobile practices. We have created mobile apps, mobile websites, and mobile advertising for all major platforms, tablets, connected televisions and ability for gaming consoles.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, product branding, social network integration, social media platforms, viral marketing initiatives, social media apps, social app development

Social Media

Lifestyle Brands helps our customers connect with today’s consumers by advocating and building effective and engaging social media platforms. We create online communities to develop viral marketing initiatives for today’s leading brands. Lifestyle Brands has years of experience making social APIs into brand properties and creating applications for all social networks.

How we work.

Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.

Lifestyle Brands exists for companies with the desire to lean into tomorrow, regardless of their state of evolution today. We’re a true partner, whether we’re expanding awareness of your existing products, building a ground-breaking new platform or joining both through social connectivity. Since 2006, we have produced innovative, successful products through our focus on collaboration, culture and behaviour.

Lifestyle Brands is structured to collaborate closely with our clients. Through activities like hands-on design studios and product immersion, to collaborating in a remote location to shoot a commercial or campaign, we learn your business and uncover new opportunities.

Small Teams

  • Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas.
  • Design and prototyping from day one.

Client as partner

  • Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business.
  • Putting users first transforms client organizations and how we work together.


How we solve problems and produce great work.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, brand direction, product branding, analytical review, digital endeavours, primary research, target audience

1. Discover

We begin by having the client describe their business and the system on which it operates. From there, we interview stakeholders and assess the company’s documents. We proceed to direct analytical reviews of our client’s current digital endeavours and look at how we can expand it. To finish the job, we begin primary research to better understand the target audience and look at the problem from their perspective.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, product branding, planning, strategy, market positioning, plan of attack, feature prioritization, product roadmaps, media planning, layouts, specific timelines, resource requirements

2. Plan

Our planning process transforms research into a simple and easy-to-use set of goals and guidelines. This information contributes to defining the company’s future market positioning. Next, we create a ‘plan of attack’ which includes feature prioritization, product roadmaps, media planning, and layouts for organizing the project. These blueprints include the specific timelines and resource requirements required for the project to succeed.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, product branding, graphic design team, programming team, designs, programmers, create and iterate, digital prototype, SEO specialists, polished ideas

3. Create & Iterate

In this phase of development, we use the aforementioned blueprints to lay down a digital prototype for the project. From graphic designers to website and app creation specialists to programmers, professionals from various backgrounds then work together to create the best product for your company. The result is a combination of polished ideas optimized to drive your company forward.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, product branding, implement, integrate design, technological and content development, advertising, Design and Development, website and app creation, online advertising,

4. Implement

During the Implementation phase, we transform ideas and plans into a working program. Implementation is where we integrate design, technological and content development, and advertising. This phase is divided into three categories, each with its own specific purpose. The “Design and Development” section includes website and app creation; “Production” spans the development of content; and the “Outreach” sector takes care of online advertising.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, product branding, customer data profiles, experts span Web, campaign and social analytics, interactive online dashboards

5. Measure

Our work goes far beyond simply coding a website or designing mobile sites; we use customer data profiles to create a more relevant and entrancing experience for users that increases their connection to your brand. Our measurement experts span Web, campaign and social analytics, which are often provided to clients as interactive online dashboards. Such measures will ensure our client’s company’s success.

lifestyle brands, brand development, product development, product branding, improve performance, analyze collected data, test-and-learn methodology, increasing e-commerce orders, evolve

6. Evolve

To improve performance, we analyze all the data collected from every project. In order to best serve you, we use a test-and-learn methodology to ensure our services remain unmatched. We strive to bring you better products, so that both our companies can prosper. From increasing your e-commerce orders to driving your app to the “top charts”, we want to see our client’s products succeed.

A simple, iterative process.





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